Michelle McCormick, Author
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Twelve things you should know about me if we're going to be friends....
1. I was a contestant on Let's Make A Deal!  I won an industrial stove and year's supply of Sprinkles cupcakes. 

2.  I dressed up my car for Halloween.

3.  I routinely gaze through empty shelving 
at the public library.  (Only one patron has 

4.  I was in the same high school class as Hollywood director, Dan Mirvish. The year? Let's just say pre-cellphone!

5.  I collect antique insect pins.

6.  I once designed a line of faux fur
panties for my sorority's charity event.
No wait, that was Elle Woods! Never mind.

7.  I've watched Legally Blonde 125 times. 

8. I believe everyone should own a Maine Coon cat. 

9. I share a September 5th birthday with Yuna Kim, THE WORLD'S GREATEST FIGURE SKATER EVER!!!

10. I think two hours spent in Target is time well spent.

11. My writing desk has a live pineapple plant on it which jabs me in the face every time I reach for the phone.

12. I own every cookbook Ina Garten has ever written.